DJ ExeQtive is a Guyanese-American DJ from New York City. Raised in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn with no silver spoon in sight, DJ ExeQtive was equipped with an industrious mentality at a young age. He was also quite the athlete in high school, having played on Canarsie High School’s basketball team. As luck would have it, his coach was DJ Tommy Allen, who also had a slot on one of NYC’s biggest & most popular mainstream radio stations, Kiss FM.

Raised by a father with an undying love for music who built sound systems, ExeQtive’s career path was an act of destiny. He grew infatuated with the art of DJing and spent most of his days working on his craft. ExeQtive was heavily influenced by DJ Funkmaster Flex. So much so, that he bought all of his mixtapes. He admired Flex’s skill, energy and the way he utilized used his platform as a DJ to open other business ventures.

As ExeQtive’s love for spinning records grew, it was his eye-opening realization that he could monetize his skill in the same way Funkmaster Flex did. At that moment, he traded his basketball jersey & wicked jumpshot for 2 turntables & a mic and started deejaying full-time. He began spinning at local block parties and events to grow his following. ExeQtive’s cousins were also DJs who were heavily into the Caribbean music scene, and the knowledge and exposure to different genres they provided were instrumental in helping him become a well-rounded, open format DJ.Fortuitously, at this time he met DJ Mace, a well-known DJ on the rise in
NYC that he would build a rapport with. Mace then introduced him to DJ S1 (aka DJ Snatch 1), an experienced DJ who would later play a vital role in the trajectory of his career. In 2008, ExeQtive became the opener for DJ S1 at his events, tasked with setting the table, and sometimes playing extended sets that would last half the night. It was in this era, that ExeQtive made his mark as a force to be reckoned with on the club scene.

Years later, DJ S1 gracefully passed the torch to him, granting him the opportunity to maximize his presence in the game. Under Sl’s tutelage, ExeQtive learned a great deal about the business side of DJing. He became a student of S1 ‘s Immense Music Squad, a series of professional gatherings held with the goal of improving DJ’s business acumen.

In 2009, ExeQtive took his shot at NYC’s booming mixtape circuit and began to produce R&B mixtapes. He supplied the streets demand for dope blend and released over a dozen compilations. “Stay with You”, “Ahead of the Game” were hosted by the likes of LL Cool J, Angie Martinez, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West and Cheri Dennis to name a few. It was around this time, he received the grand opportunity to tour with Atlantic Recording Artist Deemi, as well as Trey Songz on Heineken’s Red Star Soul Tour & Essence’s Black College Tour.

In 2010, ExeQtive became one of the first DJs to release a mobile phone application for Android & IOS devices, the “DJ ExeQtive” app, racking up over 10,000 downloads! That accomplishment proved to him that anything is possible with effort, hard work, and belief in self. The hustle continued for this rising DJ as he was relentless in his pursuit for success. In 2014, ExeQtive outlasted a group talented of DJ’s, to win New York City’s 107.5 WBLS’s Harlem Week DJ Battle, a win that gave him the Mix Master Weekends slot at WBLS. He had finally arrived, successfully transitioning from an underground DJ to a mainstream, buzzworthy act.

In November 2015, DJ ExeQtive joined “Da Union”, NYC’s biggest DJ Group co-founded by his mentor DJ S1, DJ Self, and DJ Will. They took notice of the waves he was making in the music industry and presented him with an opportunity to enhance his brand and solidify his standing as one of NYC’s Best.To date, DJ ExeQtive has worked all over the world, spinning for major corporate clients like T-Mobile, Sprint and Macy’s to name a few. Today, he can be found on NYC’s & Satellite Radio’s top radio stations, WBLS, and Sirius XM’s Channels Shade45, The Joint & Sirius XM Fly.


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